An Airbnb in the English countryside is offering guests an unlikely roommate — a miniature Shetland pony named Basil. “Basil’s Place” is a 17th-century farm-turned-Airbnb in the village of Thurgarton in Nottinghamshire.

Photo: Airbnb

The house on the premises is cozy and decorated with wooden country furniture, with the bedroom directly connected to Basil’s stable. The listing’s description encourages visitors to “fuss” with Basil and “give him cuddles.” The host also notes that bookings this spring will treat guests with the company of the farm’s baby lambs, Sir Lambsalot and Sir Lambsalittle. The other animals on the farm include a herd of Highland cows, Hebridean sheep, horses, chickens, and Norwegian forest cats.

Visitors will also be able to enjoy views over the pristine English countryside, have a barbecue at the open outdoor log fire, hang out at the on-site tiki hut, and stroll around 60 acres of farmland. Guests are not required to take care of Basil for the duration of their stay, as the host makes sure he gets plenty of exercise.


Photo: Airbnb

This listing is one of the many unusual Airbnbs that are available on the booking site. Recently, a pair of YouTube pranksters listed an opulent dollhouse as a stunt and collected a whopping $3,000 in bookings. “Basil’s Place,” however, is fully verified with over 25 raving reviews from previous guests.

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