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How To Pick The Best Yacht Charter Company

Sailing vacations are gaining undisputed popularity as preferred holidays in recent years. And the yacht industry is seeing a boom in the global tourism sector. This has led to the emergence of numerous companies offering yacht chartering services to people from all walks of life.

So, with so many options available, how does one go about picking the best service provider? In this article, we highlight a couple of things you can use to guide you pick the best yacht charter firm for your dream vacation. But first, here is a brief explanation of how to rent a yacht anywhere in the world.

How To Charter A Yacht

The first step is to determine how you would like to contact for a charter. You can do so by yourself or hire a broker. Unless you have previous experience handling such matters, outsourcing the services of a charter broker is recommended. They are familiar with international guidelines, know the industry’s best yacht hiring companies and the most spectacular stopover points. But if you still prefer to forgo a charter broker, there are hundreds of websites and apps you can access online to book a yacht.

Next, decide the type of yacht that is most suitable for your on-water vacation. Will you be travelling alone, as a couple, with your kids, or as a large group of tourists? This helps you determine the size and type of yacht to charter.

Finally, come up with a realistic travel plan. Consider factors such as the destination, time of travel, number of people travelling on board, activities you wish to engage in, and length of the trip. The plan will define the optimum time to book the charter and what to carry for the yacht vacation.

5 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Yacht Charter Company

  1. Your budget

Different providers have varying prices. The difference is brought about by various things such as type of vessel, the headcount, length of trip, destination, and level of service provided. Same as leasing a house, inform the rental company or broker of your budget range. They will advise the most appropriate package.

  1. The destination (s)

Pick a company that is closely located to the point of origin. For instance, if you are in the Caribbean and wish to sail from Nassau to explore the adjacent islands, then charter an amazing yacht in the Bahamas. Chances are, they are more adept with the geography and events due to their proximity to the location you would like to sail to.

  1. Age of the fleet

Assess the age and condition of yachts being provided. Typically, older vessels are cheaper. Most companies will have both new and old watercraft to suit all budgets. Older yachts that are well-maintained can provide the best sailing experience at an affordable rate. Therefore, do not be too quick to dismiss them.

  1. Reputation

What do people say about the company? Read reviews and testimonials to assess their service and amenities. And ask friends and family for referrals. Choose a rental firm that provides the best service as indicated by their customer service and support.

  1. Hire a broker or DIY?

Brokers make your work easier. They handle all major tasks leaving you with ample time to prepare for and enjoy your trip. On the other hand, forgoing the broker cuts costs but exposes you to a higher risk of falling prey to scams or getting less than what you paid for.

Last Take

A few decades back, yachting was a trip for billionaires and celebrities. Now, any budget can enjoy a yacht vacation. A simple search on the Internet will display hundreds of results for yacht charter companies worldwide. The tips above will help you pick the best yacht charter company for your sailing vacation.

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