A new form of aircraft will offer passengers the opportunity to zip between coastal towns at a high speed. Best of all, this half-seaplane, half-boat creation will run solely on electricity.

Recently, Boston-based company Regent announced the launch of the seaglider, an all-electric machine that flies just above the water. The first of its kind, the seaglider will be zero-emission, high-speed, and affordable.

Photo: Regent

In a press release, Regent explained that the vehicle has a range of 180 miles and can reach speeds of 180 mph on open water. This incredible speed will make Regent’s seaglider six times faster than a conventional ferry.

Similar to a hovercraft, the seaglider will fly above the surface of the water on an air cushion created by the pressurized air between the wings and the water.


Photo: Regent

“The efficiency of coastal transportation will be 100x greater with REGENT. There is no other way to describe it,” said Dallas Mavericks owner and technology investor Mark Cuban.

Regent hopes the seaglider will be available to transport commercial passengers and cargo by 2025.

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