Here are the best Airbnbs in the Greek islands

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With Greece eager to welcome international travelers as soon as travel opens up, now is the time to start planning your well-deserved summer getaway. Famous for its whitewashed cottages, cobblestone streets, and clear blue waters, the Greek islands offer a perfect blend of culture and nightlife. You can clink glasses of ouzo at a seaside taverna, schedule a day of wellness at a local spa, and sample many Mediterranean staples such as kalamata olives, layers of cheesy moussaka, fresh feta cheese, and the catch of the day.

Each of the islands of this region has a unique landscape and offerings. Santorini is the ideal balance if you seek wellness and stunning coastal views while Mykonos is best known for its parties and dining scene. Corfu is the best choice if you want to spend your vacation immersed in nature, and Zakynthos is the photographer’s dream and the most Instagrammed island of the bunch.

If you’re considering

How To Pick The Best Yacht Charter Company

Sailing vacations are gaining undisputed popularity as preferred holidays in recent years. And the yacht industry is seeing a boom in the global tourism sector. This has led to the emergence of numerous companies offering yacht chartering services to people from all walks of life.

So, with so many options available, how does one go about picking the best service provider? In this article, we highlight a couple of things you can use to guide you pick the best yacht charter firm for your dream vacation. But first, here is a brief explanation of how to rent a yacht anywhere in the world.

How To Charter A Yacht

The first step is to determine how you would like to contact for a charter. You can do so by yourself or hire a broker. Unless you have previous experience handling such matters, outsourcing the services of a charter broker is recommended. They are familiar with international guidelines, know the industry’s best yacht hiring companies and the most spectacular stopover points. But if you still prefer to forgo a charter broker, there are hundreds of websites and apps you can access online to book a yacht.

Next, decide the type of yacht …

Woman takes road trip collecting wood from each state she crossed

A cross-country road trip visiting national parks is a pretty common itinerary. A road trip where sawmills are your focus is much more unique. Xyla Foxlin planned a trip to do exactly that.

Foxlin drove across the country — from Cleveland, Ohio, to Los Angeles, California — visiting a sawmill in every state she visited and making a map of the local wood she collected on her way. She posted pictures of her experience, and the map, on Reddit and answered questions from Redditors about the trip. She also released a YouTube video documenting her travels and highlights from her road trip.

In the comment section on Reddit, Foxlin explains that she managed to get some now-rare American Chestnut in Tennessee and petrified wood in Utah, as well as many other cool finds. Foxlin is also accepting wood donations from other states, and she has already received samples from Hawaii and Alaska.

The woods used on Foxlin’s map are:

  • Ohio: maple
  • Kentucky: Kentucky coffee tree
  • Tennessee: American chestnut
  • Arkansas: shortleaf pine​
  • Oklahoma: persimmon
  • Texas: mesquite
  • New Mexico: alligator juniper
  • Colorado: northern white cedar
  • Utah: petrified wood
  • Nevada: cottonwood
  • California: red gum eucalyptus and redwood

Photo: Xyla Foxlin/Youtube

Her video

Name the northern nights after someone you love

Giving chocolates as a Valentine’s Day gift is one thing. Naming the northern lights after your loved one is quite another. The Naming Auroras campaign invites people to submit names for different aurora/northern lights storms, each of which is different in character, and over 2,000 people have already submitted suggestions.

The Naming Auroras campaign, which launched in October 2020, was created by the Visit Arctic Europe organization to build awareness for the region during the pandemic and get people excited about traveling there once it’s safe to do so again.

The idea behind the campaign was to name aurora storms the same way other storms, like hurricanes, are named. The lights will be assigned a name when the Space Weather Prediction Center receives data on solar flares, high-speed solarwind, and coronal mass ejections that qualify as a new Aurora storm.

A few names have already been assigned to northern lights storms. The submission for Aurora Ellen, for example — visible January 20-22, 2021 — read, “from the west coast of Ireland, Ellen enjoys sitting in her conservatory observing the stars. She had her 100th birthday in December.”

To submit a name of your own and give the perfect gift

How to buy chocolate that doesn’t use child labor

You may think that when it comes to chocolate, there’s no such thing as a bad decision. But the chocolate brand you choose to support with your dollars matters a lot. According to the US Department of Labor, over two million children in Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire work in hazardous conditions growing cocoa and make less than $1 per day; some are even considered child slaves and are imprisoned on cocoa farms, according to the BBC. Responsibly consuming chocolate doesn’t just mean stopping when you’re full — it means being aware of which chocolate companies are adhering to ethical labor and sustainability standards and which aren’t.

What is fair-trade chocolate

Companies like Hershey, Nestle, and Mars — which account for 35 percent of the world’s chocolate production, according to Grist — are rife with unethical business practices, including using child slave labor to harvest and produce chocolate and rampant “rainforest demolition,” which contributes to climate change. In places like Indonesia and Malaysia, rainforests are destroyed to make room for palm oil plantations, a practice that “releases tons of greenhouse gases and displaces indigenous peoples.”

The simplest solution to consuming ethical chocolate is to look for brands that label their

Positive sustainability news for the second week of February, 2021

This is The Climate Win, the most positive sustainability news around the world every week.

US President Joe Biden and other world leaders have proposed mass-scale carbon neutrality by 2050. As it turns out, we may be able to get there far sooner. A new report from a scientific study group called The Global 100% Renewable Energy Strategy Group notes that the world can reach this mark by 2030 in the energy sector and by 2035 across the economy at large. Along the way, millions of jobs will be created.

The reason for all this is consistent with many recent findings on the sustainability front, both scientific and economic. It’s because renewable energy is cheaper to produce and deploy than fossil-fuel energy and will become ever more so, and increased pressure from science, governments, citizens, and industry will continue to move the net-zero point forward.

“The conclusion is clear: A global energy system powered by 100 percent clean renewable energy is not just possible over the next 10-15 years, it can also save money, create jobs and wealth, save lives, and get humanity ahead of the curve to prevent runaway climate change,” said Tony Seba of RethinkX, a technology think