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Advantages of an Education Major

I think the most useful major a young person could choose today for a career in the future is education. Education is the foundation to all other majors and career choices. It will always exist in one form or another, but the idea is still the same- a person who has accumulated knowledge during their existence, passing it on to a group of learners who do not already know that particular topic.Unisma It is a never-ending cycle, because that same teacher once has to have been taught in order to teach it to others.

I believe that it is also the most rewarding choice. There are not too many jobs out there where you have the opportunity to have a direct impact on someone’s life every day you come to work. The tangible pay received by teachers is nothing compared to the benefits reaped by seeing the ‘ah-ha’ moment on your student’s face or, even better, seeing them be able to help others learn what they already have. It only takes one person to change history- I want to give my students every opportunity to become that kind of person.

I myself am pursuing a double degree in Physical Education and Sports Management. I believe that the majority of lessons needed to be learned in life can be learned through sports and exercise. In my 12 years of participating in sports I have learned tenacity, responsibility, maturity, respect, honesty, and humbleness. While book knowledge is certainly important, especially pertaining to each person’s field of study, I believe that personal knowledge and growth is just as important. Without it, all the knowledge in the world won’t get you anywhere unless you have the personal skills necessary to get along with your co-workers and the maturity needed to handle whatever problems come your way. That’s why the motto and guiding principle of all my classes and teams will be Embracing the Challenge- meeting each circumstance faced with tenacity, maturity, and successful actions taken to resolve it.

The pay will never be great. The hours will often be long and tedious. The students unpredictable and the required standards to meet- ridiculous. But I believe that education is the most useful major and career out there. It is useful not only to yourself, but to the lives of the students that you teach. That is the real definition of being useful- beneficial to both sides, not just one. Education will continue long after we are gone- I want to keep it going in the positive direction. And that is why I believe that education is the most useful major that a young person could choose today for a career in the future.

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