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5 Most Recommended Pizza Restaurants in Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan may be considered as a small island in this country, but there are many exciting places to visit. Natural attractions and various pizzerias ranging from high-end to modest are also available. Here is bank of indonesia currency and the best pizza Gili Trawangan that you can try.

List of Pizza Restaurants in Gili Trawangan

1. Regina’s Pizzeria

This restaurant is almost always flooded with fans of authentic Italian pizza. If you come to this place during the holiday season, you have to be prepared to queue before you can finally get a seat and order a dish.

The design of this place is actually quite simple, dominated by wooden elements, including the table and chairs. Still, the taste of the dish is said to be very special. There are two dining areas to choose from semi-outdoor and outdoor.

2. Jali Kitchen

Jali Kitchen is located inside the Jali Resort, one of the cozy lodging places on Gili Trawangan. This restaurant serves not only Italian pizza but also a variety of other Asian and Western dishes, such as yummy French fries for a snack, burgers, curries, and Asian salads.

Don’t forget to try the beef steaks with a variety of delicious sauce choices and some toppings. The dining area is the best one in this restaurant. This area is next to a pond which is even more mesmerizing under the shade of trees and lanterns. These vibes will add to the serene and natural atmosphere.

3. Pearl Beach Lounge

A visit to Pearl Beach Lounge is one of Lombok top things to do that you must do if you want to have the experience of eating Italian pizza with stunning views off the coast.

This restaurant also serves a variety of other dishes with the concept of healthy food, such as salads. Various dishes are made from fresh, high-quality ingredients and processed by skilled chefs so that the taste can be super memorable to the diners’ taste buds.

This restaurant is open from 8 am to 10 pm and serves breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner.

4. Casa Vintage Beach

Just like its name, this pizzeria carries an impressive vintage concept with a relaxing semi-open space with swings, benches, hammocks, pillows, and beach blankets.

The west side of the restaurant is perfect for sunbathing. Stunning sunset views can also be seen here and are suitable for tourists who want to enjoy a bonfire on the soft white sand on a Saturday or Sunday night.

5. Pituq Waroeng

You can also find yummy Italian pizzas at Pituq Waroeng. This Resto carries the concept of a natural building with elements of wood, bamboo, and rocks decorated with natural green plants.

Besides pizza, you can also order different menus, such as prawn spring rolls, beef burger, spinach rolls with feta cheese, ciabatta bread, feta cheese, grilled octopus, croustade with cheese shrimp filling, roast duck, apple crumble, and many more.

Some pizza restaurants in Gili Trawangan carry an indoor concept like most places to eat. Still, some offer the turquoise blue sea views with nat geo indonesia a semi-outdoor idea. By the way, which restaurant do you prefer?

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