Travel news I missed

Every week there is tons of travel news, so it can be easy to miss some things. No worries — Matador has you covered. Every week our Matador editors round up the best travel deals and the most interesting travel news. This week, research has shown that chocolate is the most loved candy in the US with candy corn being the most Googled. In COVID news we have Israel, Singapore and Thailand are easing restrictions.

Photo: Google Trends

America’s favorite Halloween treats

According to Google, the most-searched-for candy for the Halloween season is overwhelmingly candy corn. But a survey conducted by the National Confectioners Association shows that Americans prefer chocolate (60%) to non-chocolate (40%) in their trick-or-treat pumpkins, making chocolate the most sought after Halloween candy, followed by gummy candy, while candy corn places third.

Update on Pablo Escobar’s Colombian hippos

Pablo Escobar created a huge problem: inviting African hippos to become an invasive species throughout the country of Colombia. After going back and forth about how to solve the problem, the government thinks they’ve figured it out — birth control.

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