How to explore Puerto Rico by van outside of the resorts

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Somewhere Chris Farley is sad he’s not the one who made living in a van cool.

Between the pandemic-era rebirth of the great American road trip and Frances McDormand depicting van life as a sort of second act liberation, #vanlife is certainly having a moment. And while Nomadland may have made traversing the Dakotas seem like an ideal itinerary, no place in North America lends itself better to exploring by van than Puerto Rico.

There are plenty of reasons to explore Puerto Rico by van. First of all, nobody’s spending a freezing cold night in the Caribbean. But beyond its warm weather, Puerto Rico has beaches, mountains, jungles, and deserts — all within an hour’s drive of each other. It has friendly locals who’ll welcome you in, plenty of terrain you wouldn’t easily find without using a van as both transportation and shelter, and a permissive vibe that makes it easy to park and stay with