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International travel is usually a great expertise; it means that you can witness many new cultures and life. For comfortable kayaking and fewer danger for blisters and cuts, a superb pair of kayaking gloves will shield your hands. More consolation means extra time to take pleasure in paddling within the water. 2. Rishikesh, Uttarakhand: Although Rishikesh is a revered holy destination, it’s also thought to be among the finest journey destinations in India, merely for the sheer number of adventure sports activities it gives. A magnet for journey junkies, Rishikesh may be visited for white water rafting, cliff leaping, riverside tenting, rappelling, rock climbing and bungee leaping. It has India’s highest bungee leaping podium with a top of 83 meters.

Some of the greatest snorkeling destinations on Maui are situated proper in entrance of a ravishing resort. When that’s the case, the hotel might cooperate with a dive shop to offer equipment and native snorkeling guides. Three of these locations are Kapalua Seaside, in front of the Kapalua Bay Resort, Napili Bay Beach and Wailea Beach, which fronts the 4 Seasons. The snorkeling is especially good within the clear waters close to the lava rocks that kind the bays at …

The best Armenian restaurants in Los Angeles and Hollywood

Haikuhie Keshishyan and her staff at Marouch are rolling out homemade dough that they’ll first cut into strips, then into small squares. Then, they’ll hand-fill the dough with savory ground beef marinated with Keshishyan’s secret family sauce. The squares will be folded in two, and the edges combined and pinched shut into a bundle-like shape.

These are manti, a traditional Armenian dumpling that has as many variations as there are family recipes. In Keshishyan’s case, the tiny little boats of dough are boiled in a rich broth and served with a luscious garlicky yogurt-tomato sauce.

Until early 2019, 35-year-old Keshishyan was a full-time artist. Her Armenian great-aunt Sossi Brady and her Lebanese husband, Serge Brady, ran their restaurant in East Hollywood, aka Little Armenia, since 1982. They retired, and now Keshishyan is one of the rare women running an Armenian restaurant in a male-dominated industry — and hers is one of the oldest Armenian-Lebanese restaurants in Los Angeles.

From Glendale to Westwood, the Los Angeles metropolitan area is one of the centers of the Armenian diaspora. It has the largest Armenian population of any city in the US — 200,000 people of Armenian descent live in the area, according