The adventure travel guide to North Carolina’s Outer Banks

The Outer Banks of North Carolina — a chain of beach-lined barrier islands stretching for over 100 miles — might as well be called the “Adventure Capital of the Atlantic.” It’s here that high sand dunes roll and whip in the wind, wild horses roam, inland forests hide rare birds and wildlife, and kites and kayaks are common modes of transportation.

Made up of small, historic towns and villages — all of the OBX has only 50,000-some residents — no season is crowded or rushed. But the outdoor adventures? Those can be as fast-paced as you can handle. When you’re ready to take to the sea, the sand, or the skies, here’s how to satisfy your appetite for adventure.

Hit the water — and fly.

Photo: The Outer Banks of North Carolina

There are as many methods of getting on the water in the Outer Banks as there are environments. In creeks and estuaries, from surfside to soundside, you can ply the waters with a kayak, canoe, standup paddleboard (SUP), kiteboard, pontoon, catamaran — or, in some cases, you could just hop in.

But say you want to go fast. This is the spot to try out kiteboarding