The history of egg rolling on Easter in England and the White House

Easter is celebrated differently throughout the Christian world. Some countries put on elaborated religious parades, others launch fireworks, and some create colorful art displays. In most of Britain, like in most of the US, modern Easter festivities are less associated with the resurrection of Jesus Christ than it is with children folk tales and chocolates — the now-ubiquitous Easter Bunny comes at night and hides sweet treats in the homes and yards of well-behaved children for them to hunt and eat in the morning. But in the northwest of England, some centuries-old traditions are preserved and there’s a little more to Easter than an imaginary rabbit and its sugary deliveries. Every year, on Easter weekend, people gather to watch Medieval plays performed on the streets and roll boiled eggs down grassy hills in a tradition known as Egg Pacing.

The Lancashire Pace Egging Play

Photo: philip openshaw/Shutterstock

In Northwest England, mass is not the only entertainment available on Easter weekend. Every year, in rural villages in the historic counties of Cumbria, Yorkshire, and Lancashire, locals and visitors in the know come to watch the revived tradition of the Pace Egging Play.

The Pace Egging Play is a street

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