Why RV camping is the best way to explore

There are a lot of ways to see the world, but RV camping has always been the coolest. Combine the classic road trip with the allure of the great outdoors, add an RV to take you there with the comfort of a home away from home, and you’ve got a recipe for some serious adventure.

According to recent consumer research, nearly 50 million Americans plan to travel by RV this year. Here are some very compelling reasons why you should be one of them:

It’s a safe way to travel.

Photo: Tyler Cave

The pandemic interrupted all of our travel plans in a major way, and now that the world is beginning to open back up, many travelers still want to be cautious. Camping with an RV lets you stay in your comfort zone, with everything you need right there in your rig.

The U.S. Travel Association reports that the average American is nearly four times more likely to say they feel safe traveling in a personal vehicle than getting on a domestic flight. On the Association’s list of “safe” activities, visiting a park or campground ranks higher than rental homes and hotels. In fact, it’s second only to

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