Where to find tulip fields and experience Dutch culture in the United States

The Netherlands is home to one of the largest and most exuberant street parties in the world: King’s Day, which falls on the King’s birthday on April 27. King’s Day (or Koningsdag in Dutch) is a festive day celebrating the Dutch people’s love for King Willem Alexander and the House of Orange monarchy. The first King’s Day was celebrated in 2014 after the coronation of the present monarch, King Willem-Alexander.

The Dutch show their appreciation by turning all they can lay their hands on a bright shade of orange — hair, skin, clothes, cakes, you name it. Also included in the celebrations is oranjebitter, an alcoholic beverage made from orange peels soaked in brandy that was first concocted in the 1600s.

While the celebration is in the Netherlands, that doesn’t mean you can’t use King’s Day as an excuse for a Dutch party if you’re stateside. Several US cities have such strong Dutch heritage that they celebrate Dutch culture all year round. If you have FOMO from not taking part in King’s Day, admiring Keukenhof Tulip Gardens, and enjoying other Dutch festivals in the Netherlands this year, head on to these cities and revel in some carefully curated Dutch

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