Visiting Baltimore best attractions without a car

In Baltimore, the Light Raillink and Metro Subwaylink operate a total of four lines with service to a combined 47 stations. The light rail runs above ground while the subway is mostly subterranean. Both are run by the Maryland Transit Administration. Together, they serve more than 20 million passengers annually, yet most visitors to the city don’t even know it exists, or how to utilize it on their trip.

Many of Baltimore’s main attractions are conveniently located near a light rail or subway station, making them easy for tourists to check out even if they don’t have a car. Here are nine Baltimore attractions you can easily visit by using public transportation.

1. Inner Harbor

Photo: f11photo/Shutterstock

If you only know one thing about Baltimore, it’s probably Inner Harbor. The Maryland Science Center, Historic Ships, Seven Foot Knoll Light, and famous National Aquarium are all located within a five-minute walk of one another in this compact area along the Patapsco River. Like neighboring Little Italy, Inner Harbor is fun, very family-friendly, and also extremely popular with tourists.

Many first-time visitors to Baltimore use this area as a base, which is not a bad idea at all.

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