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Visiting sacred places can have a profoundly optimistic impact on people’s lives. As a result of there are such all kinds of treks out there, nearly anyone can go trekking. Make sure you know your personal physical capabilities earlier than you guide your trek. Its fun to have a challenge, however in case you are combating the terrain, you will be less prone to take pleasure in your self. All the time have someone with you who is aware of what they’re doing. An skilled trekker and guide is a definite asset on your journey. Having somebody who knows what they’re doing could save your life.

One of many high ranking journey & leisure blogs written by a mother traveling with her family since 2008, this blog has lovely images and the blend of household, self and travel. The household travel focus will be seen by the blog sections – life, kitchen, pictures and youngsters. You may discover some useful destination ideas but more basic life insights. Karnataka – The lengthy stretches of Arabian sea along Karnataka is a great place to enjoy wind surfing, coracle rafting and canoing. Indulge your self in river rafting and sail towards the wild …

Massachusetts elected an official state dinosaur

Massachusetts’ choice for president was never really in doubt this past election. A much more unpredictable election, however, recently took place in the state, with consequences that will last far longer than four years. In an initiative launched by dino-nerd and state representative Jack Patrick Lewis, Massachusetts is currently voting on an official state dinosaur. There’s already a state flower (the Mayflower, also known as trailing arbutus) and a state bird (the black-capped chickadee) — the only thing missing has been a dinosaur.

“I was unprepared for the excitement that this project would generate,” Lewis said. “My hope continues to be that this project will help young people better understand the prehistoric world and career opportunities that might grow out of a childhood interest or a love of science.”

Lewis, a lifelong dinosaur enthusiast, wanted to come up with a way to get kids in his child’s Cub Scout den engaged in paleontology. Introducing a bill to name a state dinosaur seemed like the best way to do it.

Throughout January, Massachusetts residents voted on the state dinosaur and chose Podokesaurus holyokensis — a species discovered through fossils near Mount Holyoke in 1910. Also known as the “swift-footed