How to go skiing during COVID-19 pandemic

In late December, Jennifer Ozanne was skiing at Utah’s Park City resort with her son and husband. She recalls sitting on the chairlift and having a realization, “I said to John it was the first time I felt normal.”

In a world turned upside down by COVID-19, Ozanne says her family’s winter ski trip felt unexpectedly ordinary. She acknowledges that many of the details were unusual. Rather than flying from their home in San Francisco, as they’d done the previous year, they drove the nearly 12 hours to Park City. They’d reserved lift tickets in advance. And, of course, they couldn’t crowd in the lift lines.

Yet wearing face coverings while skiing is pretty common, and in most resorts you can pull the mask down when you’re actually skiing or riding. So when Ozanne looked at the scene on the mountain, the sensation of normalcy hit her.

“Because we’d been there the year before, the experience of skiing and being on the mountain felt the same,” she says. “It just kind of struck us. I mean if we examined it, there were differences. It was more of an emotional feeling; relief that some things can feel normal in the