What to do in Quebec City in winter and where to stay

Editor’s note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, international travel to Canada is limited, and many indoor dining options and activities are not available. However, that gives you plenty of time to plan in advance for the 2021-22 winter season. Consider booking during the holidays or the annual Winter Carnival for an extra magical experience in Quebec City.

It’s a common misconception that winter means hunkering down and ticking off the days until spring. Cold weather can feel like a challenging adversary, but winter can actually be the perfect time to physically and mentally reset. You just have to embrace the cold. There’s no better place to do that than Quebec, Canada, a destination practically synonymous with its cold-weather delights. If you’ve set new year’s resolutions to go vegan, exercise more, or step outside of your comfort zone, Quebec allows you to commit to these resolutions while on a vacation — and then break them over a warming bowl of decadent poutine. From unwinding at a spa in the Eastern Townships to sleeping in an ice hotel outside of Quebec City, here’s everything you need to do in Quebec to rejuvenate your mind and body surrounded by snowfall.


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