Luxury backcountry lodges in North America

If ever there was a time for an excursion to call you away from it all, deeper into the mountains and further into the wilderness, it’s now. Thing is, it’s cold out there. The answer is the backcountry ski lodge, the sophisticated and well-kept cousin to the more common backcountry ski hut. With amenities like fine-dining, top-shelf wines, and even hot tubs, there’s no reason to rough it on your winter wilderness escape. Add in easy access to backcountry skiing, and these luxury chalets prove that just because backcountry lodging is remote doesn’t mean it has to be rugged.

1. Sheldon Chalet, Denali National Park

Photo: Alexandra Avila, courtesy of REYA Communications

Deep within Alaska’s Denali National Park, the exclusive Sheldon Chalet is the perfect place to be far removed from the rest of the world without having to sacrifice a single comfort. The hexagonal chalet sits on Ruth Glacier, a mere 10 miles from Denali’s summit, offering views of North America’s highest mountain that are impossible to enjoy from most places within the park. The chalet is catered by professional chefs serving gourmet Alaskan cuisine, and after dining, you’ll sleep under a sky full of stars.

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