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Development is understanding what we now have not previously been in a position to conceive. It is feeling what we’ve got by no means felt, or doing what now we have never finished before. It obliges us to leave our consolation zone and progress into the unknown. Development can generally be a pleasure, and generally it may be uncomfortable and even …

The best ski resorts in the US and Canada for snowboarders

We know that not all ski resorts are created alike. What may be less clear is that some ski resorts are much better for snowboarders than others. It’s not just about the terrain parks since not all shredders — that is, snowboarders — even want to do tricks. Rather, the mountain topography, the quality of snow, and of course the vibe all factor into what makes a good mountain a great one for shredding. We asked some pioneering snowboarders for their take on the best North American ski resorts for snowboarders.

What to consider when choosing a resort to snowboard

The most obvious question is if a mountain will even welcome snowboarders. Luckily, only three resorts are still holding out: Vermont’s Mad River Glen, Deer Valley, and Alta. Although Deer Valley and Alta are both in Utah, the state still has great options for boarders, which we’ll get to below. Beyond those three, snowboarders are welcome at resorts throughout the country.

A more subtle consideration is whether a mountain has many flat areas that are easy for skiers to traverse, by skate-skiing or using their poles, but that are a hassle for snowboarders. For example, British Columbia’s Blackcomb Mountain, which