Travel itineraries for seeing the best of Vermont

Vermont may be one of the smallest states in the country (indeed, you could fit 17 of them into California), but it’s a four-season destination that packs an awful lot into its 9,600 square miles. So much, in fact, that you could easily visit six (or more!) different times and have six completely different trips.

Don’t believe us? Check out the themed itineraries below and start dreaming about what your ideal vacation to the Green Mountain State might look like.

Note: Before you travel to Vermont, please review all travel guidance and restrictions currently in place, and contact all locations prior to visiting for the latest on closures and other safety info.

Itinerary #1: From alpine cheddar to Valdés Blue

It’s not just the local cheeses that are rich and varied — Vermont’s dairy history is, too: Almost every farm in the state produced its own fresh butter and cheese in the mid-1800s. And while technology and innovation have changed the agricultural landscape here, dairy’s roots hang on.

Delve into the state’s legacy via the Vermont Cheese Trail, a veritable quest to experience every superb cheese producer open to the public. Forty-five stops (offering more than

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