The 5 Most Well-liked Journey Locations In Thailand

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These are the locations well-liked worldwide. Nonetheless each country has its personal favorites. For example, it is identified that Americans prefer to spend their holidays in Mexico, many French like to …

Most beautiful winter lakes around the world

Gazing upon a body of water is scientifically proven to relieve stress. When that body of water is surrounded by the quiet and shining whiteness of winter, the scene is somehow even more serene. Some lakes may be too big to freeze while others — given their northerly locations on the planet — may freeze despite their large size. Whether turquoise waters surrounded by snowy mountain peaks in Italy or an immense frozen lake in Siberia, these are some of the world’s most beautiful lakes in winter.

1. The lakes of El Chalten, Argentina

Photo: PnPy/Shutterstock

The Fitz Roy Trek on the Argentine side of Patagonia is just one of the treks that leads to the beautiful El Chalten, where milky green-blue waters tinted from the minerals in glacial runoff contrast with the peaks. The result is a scene so stunning it almost looks like a dream. Remember that winter here is summer in the Northern Hemisphere, so you have some time to get your training in for this type of grueling mid-winter hike. The reality is that hiking here in winter requires a lot of experience, but appreciating its beauty does not require much effort at all.